Where to put cooking utensils?

Commonly used for tools in a garage or workshop, a perforated board is just as practical for storing kitchen utensils. Put them in Mason jars in a drawer. Hang them on the side of the cabinets. Place them diagonally in a drawer.

Hang them from a pot rack. Keep utensils organized and in place by installing wooden pegs inside deep kitchen drawers. The pegs allow you to separate certain utensils and prevent them from slipping when the drawer is opened and closed. A perforated board at the bottom of the drawer allows you to rearrange the pegs to create different compartments.

Sectioned baskets and containers inside the drawer are great ways to keep napkins and cutlery in place. Pot hooks for organizing kitchen utensils There are 5 main ways to organize and store cutlery. While their options are few, the good news is that they are very good and easy to implement. The fact that these options work so well explains why there are no more options; if it's not broken, don't fix it.

All of these solutions are very quick and easy to add to any kitchen or pantry, but they will make finding your ingredients and utensils much easier when you cook and clean. We love this angled organizer that makes it easy to see all the spices you have handy in your kitchen while you cook. Place a kitchen towel on a wooden cutting board to make the perfect utensil holder for your outdoor kitchen space. Instead, it makes perfect sense to incorporate these items into your pantry storage, whether it's a space entirely separate from your kitchen or a dedicated cupboard, next to your kitchen area in an open-plan layout.

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