Can you use plastic utensils on cast iron?

Plastic spatulas are a no-no for your cast iron skillet. The latter gets too hot when cooking. Therefore, plastic utensils are very likely to melt and are not suitable for cooking on cast iron utensils. Cast iron cookware is so durable that no material can scratch or dent them.

It is one of the ideal types of kitchen utensils and, of course, it is safe for the oven. You can use any kitchen utensil, from wood to stainless steel. However, in terms of usability, plastic and wooden utensils are the best for cast iron cookware. Avoid using plastic utensils on cast iron, because even cast iron heated to a very low temperature will melt the plastic.

In addition to potential hazards, you'll ruin the non-stick properties of cookware. Cast iron is a porous material, so plastic melts in the pores and potentially dries partially or completely; therefore, massive cleaning work and a full reseason are required. Yes, you can use stainless steel in cast iron cookware. However, it will scratch an unseasoned frying pan.

So make sure to season yours as soon as it arrives. Cast iron is one of the most durable materials for cookware. Therefore, as long as it doesn't dig into the surface of the pan, stainless steel is safe to use. A myth abounds that metal utensils should never be used on cast iron surfaces.

The opposite is true, and it has become apparent that cast iron surfaces benefit from the repeated softening action of flat metal utensils such as the spatula. The best cookware for cast iron includes a set of wooden spatulas. Wood scrapers can protect the surface of food from sticking or burning. It would be useful if you also chose a stainless steel utensil.

Stainless steel cookware can deteriorate the surface and erode the non-stick properties of cast iron cookware. They can also rust and affect the appearance of utensils. Before using a cast-iron frying pan, you need to season it by rubbing the surface with vegetable oil and baking it alone in an oven for about an hour. After years of use, cast iron pans can develop uneven cooking surfaces that make it difficult for meat or vegetables to brown evenly.

The best spatulas and utensils for cast iron pans, pots and pans are made of high-strength stainless steel. Homi Styles one-piece natural wood handle is beautiful, but makes the utensil less durable. These durable cookware can last for generations if properly cared for, so selecting utensils that won't damage them is essential to keeping cast-iron surfaces in perfect condition. When faced with a wall of kitchen utensils in the store, it's easy to be captivated by the colorful packaging, or just consider price as a major factor.

The edge of a spatula used against the surface of a cast iron skillet should be deeply chamfered to glide smoothly under food. Over time, they also smooth out the rough surface of cast iron cookware for a more desirable smooth finish. However, the utensil is unlikely to melt completely unless it falls directly into the flames of the barbecue. Wooden spatulas are available, but are not recommended for extended use on cast iron, as they simply lack the durability of stainless steel or silicone.

Cast iron pots and pans are very popular because they can be used at high temperatures, unlike many other types of cookware. It's also a more masculine looking utensil, making it a great gift idea for a man who cooks a lot on cast iron surfaces. If kept well seasoned, the smoother surface can make the cast iron cooking surface even better than when it was new. One of the most common questions I get asked above all others is if I can use a steel spatula on my cast iron skillet.

This means that selecting the right utensils not only protects the cooking surface, but also prevents food from sticking and burning on its surface for a longer period of time. .

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