Are cooking utensils allowed in flight?

Can we carry steel utensils on domestic flights? It's totally legal to carry steel and aluminum accessories. You can carry any type of kitchen utensil that can be stored in checked bags. Kitchen knives and kitchen knife sets are perfectly fine for packing inside checked luggage. This is a very common type of knife and you should have no problem packing it in your checked baggage.

That said, you should be very careful when packing expensive kitchen knife sets because they could be stolen from checked baggage. You can take aluminum or ceramic pots and pans with you on the plane. However, cast iron pans have to travel in the cargo hold. It may have to do with your heavy weight.

Anyway, do you really want to take her with you? The CAA, which controls airlines operating in the UK, allows knives (pocket knives) with blades of less than 6 cm (2.4 inches) in carry-on baggage, but has banned multi-tools, even if the blade length is less than 6 cm. Metal forks and spoons are allowed in carry-on luggage and luggage billed, without any type of limitation. Currently, the TSA does not allow any knives in carry-on baggage, unless it is a round blade butter knife or a plastic knife. Damascus knives are treated essentially identically to fixed blade knives, which means that the TSA allows Damascus knives to be packed in checked baggage.

But did you know that other utensils are OK? If you're planning a picnic directly from the plane, don't hesitate to bring metal or plastic forks and spoons. On its website, the TSA states that toy guns must be packed in checked baggage, but some of them may also be allowed in carry-on baggage. Most items that may cause inconvenience or damage to passengers or the aircraft are not allowed in carry-on baggage. The TCCA, which controls airlines operating within Canada, allows knives with blades smaller than 6 cm (2.4 in) to be in carry-on baggage, and all other types of knives must be packed inside checked baggage.

Usually, sprays can't go under the plane, and standard-size cooking spray doesn't fit in the liquid bag either. Any solid food such as fruits, nuts or salads can be easily transported, but foods with a high liquid content (for example, curried foods or sauces) are only allowed in 100 ml containers, regardless of the amount they contain. You can still find some items with conflicting information based on that update, but from now on, only round blade or plastic butter knives are allowed in carry-on luggage. Therefore, plastic utensils are very likely to melt and are not suitable for cooking on cast iron utensils.

According to the TSA, cutlery is allowed in checked and carry-on baggage, with the exception of knives in carry-on baggage.

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